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Magnetic soap holder made by Chamarrel

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Super useful: this magnetc soap holder extends the life of your solid soaps and shampoos

ZERO WASTE: When you put your soap in a traditional soap dish, it soaks up water, doesn’t dry completely and makes a mess. in the water, it doesn’t dry completely and you have to regularly clean your soap dish. This magnetic soap holder deals with all of  these problems and your soap dries perfectly and lasts longer.

EASY TO INSTALL: no glue or drilling thanks to its suction cup.

The product consists of 2 parts: a suction cup containing a powerful magnet and a stainless steel capsule that must be pushed into the soap.

  • Place the suction cup on any clean, smooth, even surface (glass, mirror, tiles, washbasin, bathtub, etc).
  • By hand, push the serrated cap into the middle of the soap and, with a little water, create some lather around the capsule which will help fuse the two elements together.
  • Allow to dry overnight before first use.
  • Then attach the suction cup to the clean wall.
  • Put the capsule with the soap on the magnet of the suction cup.


200g on a horizontal or vertical surface

400g on a horizontal surface

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